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Suitable for groups and individuals alike, Paraglide Morocco provides accommodation, information and gliding facilities.

For non-residents, we charge a very modest daily rate of €3 for flying.

Accommodation rates inclusive of three daily meals and flying is €35 per person, per night, plus a 10% surcharge for stays of less than 3 nights. Groups and individuals are all welcome to our beautiful Moroccan accommodation.

Packages available where we can offer:

* Airport transfers (€70 per pickup - up to 4 people per vehicle)
* Transportation to nearby points of interest
* Car hire (from €27 per day) - don't forget your driving licence!
* Tandem flights (€50 for approximately ½ an hour)

Non flying activities - Horse riding, surfing, quad biking and fishing to name just a few...

Please contact us via email for inquiries and further booking information.


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