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How safe is Morocco?
Morocco's tourist industry is thriving. Once upon a time it was only for the hardened traveler, but today it caters for tourists from all over the world.

What experience do I need?
Unsupervised pilots should be Club Pilot rated.

How do I get authorization to fly in Morocco?
You must have a valid license and insurance to fly in Morocco, please ensure you bring them with you, at the moment, no authorization papers are being issued, this could change in the future.

What do I need to pack?
You need your flying equipment if you intend to fly. We do not supply any flying equipment ourselves. Sensible clothing would be advisable. Morocco is a Muslim country and it's respectful to keep modestly dressed when out and about. We are only a short distance from deserted beaches so a pair of shorts is a must. Plenty of sun block and cream; even through the winter months you can get sunburnt.

Do I need visas and vaccinations?
For UK, Ireland and most EU countries no pre-arranged visas are required. Most doctors don't advise any vaccinations for Morocco, unless you plan a lengthy stay or visit some of the remote parts of the country. If you have any concerns contact your GP.

What is the accommodation like?
We have 4 traditional Moroccan rooms exclusively for our guests located directly on takeoff. They are very clean and recently built. Have a look HERE for more.

What is the food like?
The food for our guests comes from local Souks (markets). We offer traditional Moroccan dishes such as Tajine, Couscous etc. As it's all cooked on site from fresh we can easily cater for anyone with special dietary needs, just ask.

Do I need to change money into local currency before I arrive?
The currency in Morocco, is the dirham. This is a closed currency, and therefore it is only possible to purchase dirhams when in Morocco. However, it is easy to change most foreign currency, and there are plenty of ATMs at the airport and in the towns.

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